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filament-winding-aerospace-components-with-carbon-fiber-in-advanced-composites-isolator-roomBuilding to spec.

From filament winding to molding and lay-up, Advanced Composites uses a variety of systems for producing sophisticated and integral composite structures to meet specific cost, performance and weight criteria, as well as various other application-specific requirements. Read more about ACI's approach to composites production.



Your one-stop shop.

The services of Advanced Composites Inc. extend far beyond manufacturing. With our in-house engineering and design division, we model, prototype and develop products from concept to first article using sophisticated design and analysis tools. And then we beat, twist, bend and break the manufactured product to verify that it meets all engineered performance criteria. Learn about ACI's engineering and design capabilities here.



A rigorous QC program.

With third-party accredited ISO 9001 and AS9100 certification, Advanced Composites takes quality seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we operate redundant quality control systems, just to be safe. Discover more in our Quality Control section.


It's about partnership.

Your business needs reliable partners in order for you to achieve your goals. ACI appreciates the importance of strong teamwork. We're honored to be part of your supply chain, and we make it our mission to deliver consistently high quality, and to do so on schedule and within budget. Because that's what it takes to be a star player. See our section about industries served for more on the ACI philosophy to industrial partnership and service.

cathy-philpot-with-advanced-composites-utah-company-of-the-year-award2014 UMA Award.

Advanced Composites is honored to have been awarded the Manufacturer of the Year award on November 1, 2014. Read more about current ACI events.


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