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ACI Profiled in CompanyWeek Magazine 08 December 2014, 22.35
ACI Profiled in CompanyWeek Magazine
For its December 1, 2014 issue, CompanyWeek featured an interview with Advanced Composites president Randy Philpot, in which Randy discusses ACI's vibrant growth, its future prospects, and a bit about its
2014 MotY Award 05 November 2014, 19.14
2014 MotY Award
The Utah Manufacturers Association awarded ACI the Manufacturer of the Year Award at the UMA gala banquet on November 1, 2014, for extraordinary growth, contribution to the local economy, workplace safety and


Which of the following is NOT a composite structure ...

Carbon Fiber

A Roll of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber (sometimes called graphite fiber) possesses both high fiber modulus (>33 to 120+ Msi), and high fiber strength (>200 to 1000+ Ksi). Carbon fiber can be made from a variety of organic or petroleum polymer fibers. Most commonly, it is made from either of two precursor materials: pitch or polyacrylonitrile (PAN). Most standard intermediate modulus fiber is made from PAN, while pitch is used for the production of high modulus fibers. The precursor material is spun into fibers and processed in three steps: oxidation, carbonization, and graphitization. This processing forms a turbostratic graphitic structure in which graphitic crystallites are aligned with the fiber axis and intermingled with each other. The processing of carbon fibers produces three types of fiber:

  • High Modulus fibers have marginal strength and marginal elongation to failure.
  • Intermediate Modulus/Intermediate Strength fibers have higher elongation to failure.
  • High Strength fibers have standard modulus and elongation to failure.