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carbon-fiber-composite-cyclocross-bike-forkCycling components.

Advanced Composites builds a number of bicycle components for several major bike manufacturers. Additionally, we've established our own brand, Wound Up Composite Cycles, as the gold standard in premium bike forks for road, track, cyclocross and tandem riders. Since its founding in 1995, Wound Up Composite Cycles has set a number of precedents in the cycling industry. Wound Up was the first to introduce a patented composite steerer tube, as well as the first to offer a production composite fork that weighed less than a pound. Wound up was the first—and remains the sole—manufacturer to offer a filament wound carbon composite fork. Our filament wound forks consistently outperform other composite forks in fatigue and static load tests, and are legendary for their torsional rigidity and plush ride. To learn more, please visit our Wound Up forks website.

Paddling and rafting.

Through our Cataract Oars brand, Advanced Composites manufactures and sells composite oars, paddles, and other river accessories. Cataract Oars is respected in the outdoors industry as the apex of performance whitewater gear. carbon-fiberglass-composite-oars-by-advanced-composites-cataract-oarsOur composite shafts are filament wound from carbon fiber and fiberglass for optimal durability and flexibility, as well as for incredible strength-to-weight ratios. Our composite oars require less maintenance than wood oars. They weigh forty percent less than aluminum, yet possess more than twice aluminum's breaking strength! For further information, check out our Cataract Oars website.

Sporting goods.

Advanced Composites Inc. has manufactured a variety of sports and recreational products for major brands. From baseball bats to ski poles, from pool cues to hockey gear, ACI has produced many high-performance composite products for consumers.

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