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advanced-composites-filament-winding-machine-in-filament-winding-manufacturing-facility-in-salt-lake-city-utahFilament winding. And much more.

In addition to filament winding, which comprises the majority of Advanced Composites Inc.'s work, we also incorporate compression molding, reaction injection molding and lay-up processes into our composites manufacturing repertoire. From carbon and fiberglass tubing to intricate components for medical devices to aerospace and military parts, Advanced Composites Inc. can meet all of your composites manufacturing needs. And, if you need assistance developing your composite product, our engineering department can help you develop it. ACI has the engineering capacity to model, test and prototype it for you!

Composite structures for every industry.

Advanced Composites Inc. has produced composite structures for some the largest US manufacturers across a range of industries. ACI makes carbon and glass tubes and various other structures for aerospace, defense and commercial applications. Regardless of project scope, we know how to meet your deadlines and quality standards. Consistently. With our design and prototyping division, a robust quality control program, six filament winding machines and an arsenal of additional production infrastructure, we are prepared to handle whatever your manufacturing needs are.

Only the best filament winding and molding materials.


Advanced Composites Inc. uses only the best carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid fibers in our composite structures. From the specialty rovings that we use in our filament winding, to the urethanes and fibers that we use in our molding processes, to our proprietary resin formulations, we source the best raw materials, optimized for the task at hand.

Filament winding, molding and prototyping facilities.

advanced composites black carbon composite prosthetic componentAdvanced Composites has enjoyed steady and sustainable growth since its incorporation in 1991. In addition to filament winding, Advanced Composites Inc. manufactures composite products with compression molding, reaction injection molding and lay-up production technologies. As a result of such growth, we've undergone a series of architectural expansions to accomodate our swelling workforce and increased output. The most recent of these expansions came online in the spring of 2015 and included a significant addition to our manufacturing workspace. With this outgrowth, Advanced Composites' facility now boasts nearly 50,000 ft2of floorspace. Read more about ACI's infrastructure...

Made in the USA.

Advanced Composites is proud to contine the legacy of American manufacturing in our filament winding facility, located in Salt Lake city, Utah. And, we're excited to participate in the rapidly-expanding field of composite materials science and production. We don't just make products; we make products that are stronger, lighter and more durable than have ever been made in human history. And, we regularly design, model and engineer new products.

Huge latitude of scope.

Whether you need thousands of units or only a few, Advanced Composites has extrordinary scalability. With our breadth of manufacturing technologies and our extensive equipment arsenal, we'll deliver on virtually any scale.



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